The database and associated citation files and metadata can be downloaded directly be clinking the links below. Please note the version of the database used in any subsequent publications and cite it accordingly within:

Noble, D.W.A, Stenhouse, V., Riley, J.E., Warner, D.A., While, G.M., Du, W.-G., Uller, T. and Schwanz, L.E. (2018) A comprehensive database of thermal developmental plasticity in reptiles: Reptile Development Database. Scientific Data, in press.


RepDevo vers1.0.2  Released: 05/03/2018

Release Notes: Revised database based on reviewer comments and also correct small errors and changed the ‘Development’ trait category to ‘Growth’ instead. ‘Growth’ better represents the traits existing in this category. Some additional changes to metaData as four new location columns are provided.

RepDevo vers1.0.1  Released: 19/12/2017